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Home » 9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist make money online harry

9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist make money online harry

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9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist

9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist

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9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist
make money online harry
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33 thoughts on “9 Ways To Make Money As a Self Employed Artist make money online harry”

  1. I'm looking into an iPad for my son to draw and edit. He is very interested in drawing and quite talented for his age and loves anime. He would also use it to edit YouTube videos. Which iPad are you using? I'd like enough power for it to be a good experience, but don't want to spend more on the higher-end models if they're not needed for this application. Thanks!

  2. John something terrible happened to me today and watching your videos always gives me a smile and a chill time. Keep pushing and creating, love your work and appreciate your passion and drive, thank you.

  3. before i started skating i was a really bad artist i quit because i just didnt know what to do / draw. right now my skate bag was my old bag with art stuff and ever sence ive been skating when i go my bag i see my old sketch book because i never got rid of it so because of you and a lowsy old book i’ve decided to get back into art aannnd do things like custom grip tape just custom everthing. my dream is to get sponsored by progress daily when im older and better at skating but untill then my life will be half art half skating

    thank you john you really made a difference in my life ❤️

  4. you became successful skateboarding, I'm sure you can do it with another interest. I'm sure you retain some subscribers that just like you and gain new ones along the way. I think it's cool you are committing to the change.

  5. Really interesting to watch your journey into an art career! I make my living from my art YouTube channel now, having started in my 30s. Just reach out if you ever want to talk it through 🙂

  6. I’m turning 27 in a few weeks, just bought a skate board, haven’t skated for real in 10-15years, super inspired by you and don’t want to set boundaries for my self anymore, skating stil looks fun so why shouldn’t I try it out again!

  7. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this. The Rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and what is left

  8. Dude, you should make a motivation/inspiration board app for creative types! Your art style, business knowledge and amazing way of explaining hard to follow information are perfect for it!

  9. Id love to work with others on my art!!! I create comic books and music. And with a baby on the way im venturing into kids books!!! My goal is to be able to stay home with my daughter and write books and eventually move the family to a small farm where we dont have to have secondary jobs (dishwashing and prep cooking… 5 days a week all day till exhaustion hits)
    I dont plan on doing any vlog content. Just cartoons. Just the art not spend the time showing the prep. But the inbetween time is unproductive

    Well personally productive. Like i have a family now. But like I dont needa record life cause life sucks. But sometimes theres a reason to laugh and when that hits life right

  10. Aloha from Hawaii John, please learn about NFTs, another great option (perhaps best option) to add to the list in my opinion 🤙🏽

    I just wrote a long ass comment explaining what NFTs are and some ideas you could use, but YouTube said Error and the whole thing deleted 😫. It’s almost 5am here in Hawaii and I need a couple more hours of sleep lol.

    Hit me up if you have any questions! Wish you and everyone reading this all the best 🤙🏽 Aloha

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