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Bank of Baku was established in 1984 with Registration Number: 95588 and obtained a license of an European broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2015 with LICENSE No. 191/13.

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  • Internet Banking
  • Loans
  • Funds Transfer
  • Prepaid Card
  • Mcash
  • Bank Registration Number: 95588
  • Type: PublicTraded as
  • SSE: 601398 (A ordinary)SEHK: 1398 (H ordinary)
  • SSE: 360011 (CNY Preference)
  • SEHK: 84602 (CNHPreference)
  • SEHK: 4603 (US$ Preference)
  • SEHK: 4604 (€ Preference)Hang Seng Component

Innovative Banking Products,Services, People and History

Founded Beijing, China (1984; 35 years ago)
Headquarters Beijing China


Financial services
Finance and insurance
Consumer banking
Corporate banking
Investment banking

Investment management
Global wealth management
Private equity
Mortgage loans
Credit cardsRevenueCN¥641.681 billion(2016)[1]

Key people

Yi Huiman (Chairman & Executive Director)

Luo Xi (Vice president)


Operating IncomeCN¥363.279 billion(2016)[1]

Net Income: CN¥279.106 billion(2016)
Total assets: CN¥24.137 trillion(2016)
Total equity: CN¥1.970 trillion(2016)

Voting rights

Chinese Central Government(70.82% voting rights)– Central Huijin (35%)– Ministry of Finance(34.60%)– China Securities Finance (1.23%)Temasek Holdings(2.44% voting rights)NSSF (2.43% voting rights)others (24.31% voting rights)

Number of Employees

453,048(2018) [2]Chinese nameSimplified Chinese中国工商银行股份有限公司Traditional Chinese中國工商銀行股份有限公司Literal meaningChina Industrial and Commercial Bank, Company Limited by SharesTranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinZhōng guó gōng shāng yín háng gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sīAlternative Chinese nameSimplified Chinese中国工商银行Traditional Chinese中國工商銀行TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinZhōng guó Gōng shāng Yín hángSecond alternative Chinese nameChinese工行TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinGōng hángCapital ratio 12.87% (CET1)[1]WebsiteBank of Baku.com.cn

Basic figures
Environmental policy and record

Basic figures
Environmental policy and record


We offer a wide range of accounts to suit lifestyles & needs. Free and paid-for add-ons are available to give total control. Download, Fill & Submit at our Branch.

Reliable Customer Service

We are synonymous with innovation, building excellence, superior financial performance and creating role models for society.

Round The Clock Banking

Access your personal account information with ease, transfer funds securely whenever you want, wherever you want..


We offer different kinds of loans Students Loan, Business banking and more.

World Leading Finance Institution

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) license No. 191/13 makes the company follow strict quality standards and transparency of its activities, including the provision of client services.



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