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Nebo – Feature Walkthrough | myscript アップデート

トピック記事を見てみましょう “myscript – Nebo – Feature walkthrough” カテゴリ内: Best Investing Blogs For You. この記事は、インターネット上の多くのソースからのBankobaku.comによって編集されています. 著者Nebo by MyScriptによる記事には10,869 回視聴があり、989 Likeで高く評価されています.


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以下は、このトピックに関する詳細なビデオです myscript – Nebo – Feature walkthrough. 注意深く見て、あなたが読んでいるものについてのフィードバックを私たちに与えてください!

Nebo – Feature walkthrough
Nebo – Feature walkthrough

Nebo – Feature walkthrough – myscript このトピックの詳細

テーマの説明 myscript:

Nebo is the note-taking app for professionals, with world-leading handwriting recognition and instant write-to-text conversion.
Watch now for an overview of Nebo’s productivity-boosting features.
– Organizing your notes (minute 0:20)
Managing your library with Nebo’s versatile system of collections, notebooks and pages
– Writing and editing notes (minute 1:25)
Creating new notebooks
Note-taking with Nebo – handwriting recognition, selecting ink colours, adding titles and headings
Creating numbered and bulleted multi-level lists
Swift, simple editing with intuitive gestures
Selecting content with the lasso
Adding and adjusting space within notes
Typing notes with the keyboard
– Multimedia notes and specialized content (minute 4:30)
Copy-pasting text from external sources
Creating diagrams by hand, converting them and copy-pasting into Powerpoint
Performing math calculations
– Freeform pages and sections (minute 5:57)
– Import and annotate PDF, Word and PowrPoint (minute 8:05)
Importing any PDF into a Nebo notebook
Marking up PDFs with customizable pen tools, including a new PDF highlighter
Editing, resizing, moving and searching your annotations
Copy/pasting annotations to other pages and converting them to typed text
Exporting annotated documents as PDFs or publishing them to private URLs directly from Nebo
– Searching your notes (minute 10:39)
Search your entire library, including handwritten notes
– Protecting your notes (minute 11:05)
Syncing content to a cloud storage service
Backing up your library
– Working collaboratively (minute 11:25)
Exporting your notes to a range of formats
Publishing notes securely online for remote viewing by contacts – even if they don’t use Nebo
– Nebo Viewer for iPhone (minute 12:56)
For more information, visit
Twitter –
Facebook –
LinkedIn –
MyScript Website – \u0026
To activate subtitles, select the Settings icon in the lower right of the video player, select “Subtitles/CC”, then select “Auto-translate”. Choose your language from the list and the subtitles will display.

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Nebo - Feature walkthrough
Nebo – Feature walkthrough

トピックに関する記事を評価する myscript

  • 著者: Nebo by MyScript
  • 意見: 10,869 回視聴
  • いいねの数: 989 Like
  • 動画のアップロード日: 2021/07/30
  • ビデオURL:

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